Mediterranean Fusion System


Mediterranean Fusion System

In the gloomy Seattle winter days like today, the speakers of my sound system become my fireplace. I rub my hands and bring them closer. The Mediterranean sound of Chano Domiguez keeps me warm and comforts me.

I miss the Mediterranean culture in which I grew up, full of Sundays under the sun enjoying the swimming, family, good friends, good food, and the Latin music that makes us feel alive. Without the fusion sound by Dorantes, Avishai Cohen, Iceberg… I couldn’t make it.

For this album cover, I’ve played around to convey the feelings of fun, diversity and happiness that fusion music brings to me. I’ve enjoyed using abstract and colorful styles a lot, inspired by artists from my homeland who I admire since my childhood, such as Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso and Rafael Alberti.

The heat from my speakers is fading out again. Let’s drop a little more of Cal Tjader to revive it! I’m warming up the pencils and move on for a new album cover.