Imaginarium Exhibition / Visions of Sounds


Imaginarium Exhibition / Visions of Sounds

Dear friends: in October I turn 50.

This year, I feel that I need to give something very special from myself.

Many times my friends have told me that coming into my bedrooms and
studios is like entering another world, another time, another
dimension. Now, I feel that I need to give you a pass to my innermost

IMAGINARIUM is my invitation to make a 50-year trip of my universes,
creations, creatures, visions, and sounds. This journey for me is an
act of sacrifice, love, and exorcism.

I must confess: most of the work that I’m going to show, more than 60
pieces, have never been exhibited before. For more than 20 years,
they’ve been locked away in closets and folders, victims of my
self-criticism, embarrassment and false humility.

Now, I feel that, for better or worse, this is my journey and I want
to share it with you. In their imperfection, all of these worlds and
works, are sacred and they must flow for you.

In this journey, you will meet:

  • A hidden door to my Magic Realism quarters.
  • Pieces of my heart entangled in ghostly love stories.
  • Ancient shamans from undiscovered worlds raising the cosmic conscience.
  • Surreal soundscapes surrounded by tribal heartbeats.
  • Impossible creatures that you’d like to hug.
  • Labyrinths of analog woods.
  • Myself, here, for you.
  • And more…
IMAGINARIUM / Visions of Sounds
Saturday 21st October, 5 PM/9 PM
Sunday 22nd October, 11 AM/1 PM
843 Hiawatha Artspace Lofts
Seattle, Central District

Free Admission