I run ShiftFWD Branding Agency (Boise, ID) from 2012 to 2021 along with North American designer Naomi Niles.

Over the years, the agency evolved into a fuller process of discovery
and toward helping business owners find their amazing unique space in
the world so that they can resonate with their best customers and inner
circles. We find authenticity and the deep values within each client and
run with them like there’s no mañana.

Here are a few samples of our work.


Website Design for Ready-Made Personal Branding Materials

Web Site Design for ready-made personal branding tools and resources. There we provide new business owners with the tools they need to begin building their brand with professional-quality design so they can present themselves to the world with confidence.

Web Site Design for ready-made personal branding tools and resources .

Branding & Identity Strategy for Creative Agency

For our own brand overhaul and strategy, we went through the whole brand discovery, identity definition, and storybook process with ourselves.

Our brand book outlines all of the things that are important to our business including our mission, our story, our ideal clients, our culture in the studio, and visual and style guidelines.

Branding Consulting for Keuka College, New York

We spent a week in Keuka College, New York to interview teachers and managers in order to know in depth their communication needs with pupils and parents and creative effective and updated solutions for their Branding, Web and Social Media resources.

Art Direction and Product Design for Epokka Paper Tools

A creative project for a notebook system that included Branding, Product Design, Creative Direction, Design, Illustration and Animation.

Website Design for a Popular Digital Strategy Brand and Resource

Nathalie Lussier and Robin Li create innovative tech products and teach small business owners online strategy and marketing.

Website Design for Entrepreneurial Women Online Magazine

We helped plan the information architecture of the site as well as define the brand and identity direction and place those strategies into a full website design and build.

Banner Design for a Online Challenge

We worked along with Erin Stutland to design visually compelling promotional graphics to help promote her popular yearly online challenge. We prepared these graphics for use as Banners and across Social Media and other different channels.

eBook Design for a Motivational & Personal Development Author

We worked alongside Alicia Rodriguez to bring her eBook to life through visuals and styling. In order to make the most of the book’s messaging, we created visuals that can provide pause for readers and help promote her book across social media and other channels.

Book Design for a Paleo

We worked alongside Alison Golden to provide the book cover and layout design for her popular book “The Modern No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo”.

This is one of the most practical and best books out there for people dedicated to the Paleo and Primal lifestyles. Since we’ve been big believers in this way of life ourselves for several years, it was an honor to work with Alison to develop the book cover and interior layout design for her excellent work. It’s got a ton of practical advice as well as a nice forward from Mark Sisson.

Poster Illustration & Design for David Bowie Tribute Exhibition

Promotional poster design and illustrations for a tribute exhibition on David Bowie held  in Madrid, April 2014.

David Bowie exhibition poster illustration
David Bowie exhibition poster illustration
David Bowie exhibition poster illustration

Web Design for a Marketing Profit Strategies Project

We were approached to do a fun, clean, engaging, and modern design for a project focused on helping creative people make a living.

This project didn’t fully make it off the ground, but we still look at it fondly as a great resource and product design.


Logo & Icon Design

A few samples of my Logotype and Icon design, including custom illustration and lettering.